Security is Our Top Priority

The privacy and security of your online purchase information is very important to us. We make it our Top Priority to ensure that your online shopping experience with us is as safe and secure as possible.

Your Transactions Are Safe

Here are just some of the steps we take to make sure your transactions are secure and your personal information is safe.

  1. Latest SSL, which is now called TLS, to encrypt all personal information transfer
  2. All credit card numbers in the database are encrypted
  3. We do not store any CVV2, CVC2 or CID numbers
  4. Our merchant account is PCI compliant
  5. We implement specialized software for Address Verification and other information matching (in addition to those used by the major credit card companies)
  6. All overnight shipments are held for an additional day to confirm customer information
  7. We occasionally make phone verifications and request more information
  8. Numerous other security measures to secure the site, server, and all sensitive data

SSL Encryption is now TLS

We use the latest version of Transport Layer Security (TLS) protection to protect your orders. This is the most up-to-date encryption method used and it replaced the widely-known Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). However, because most people are not familiar with TLS, we will refer to it as SSL throughout the rest of our store.

What does this mean for you? It means your personal information is scrambled (encrypted) as it travels over the Internet.

All private information and sensitive data is encrypted with a 128-bit TLS encryption code (the world's strongest encryption available). This is the same type of cutting-edge encryption technology that the government's National Security Agency (NSA) uses to secure Top Secret data because the code cannot be intercepted or decrypted by anyone else.

With this encryption, your name, address, credit card information, etc., cannot be read by a third party. Your browser will display a lock icon to indicate when you have arrived at a secure page.

Here is how it works

128-bit TLS encryption uses Digital IDs, the electronic counterpart to driver's licenses, passports, and business licenses. You can present a Digital ID electronically to prove your identity or your right to access information or services online.

Digital IDs, also known as digital certificates, bind your identity to a pair of electronic keys that can be used to encrypt and sign digital information. A Digital ID makes it possible to verify someone's claim that they have the right to use a given key, helping to prevent people from using phony keys to impersonate other users.

Used in conjunction with encryption, Digital IDs provide a complete security solution, assuring the identity of one or all parties involved in a transaction.

Your credit card will be authorized at the time we receive your order and charged just prior to shipping your order. If the billing or shipping information provided does not match with what your credit card provider has on file, you will be contacted.

HTTP Cookies: Harmless & Helpful

We use cookies to make your online shopping experience quick, easy, and more rewarding. An HTTP cookie is an extremely small text file that is stored on your computer while you visit a website. They are harmless and can be quite helpful.

We use cookies to keep track of the items you place in your shopping cart. Cookies cannot be used to access any type of data on your computer. If at any time you decide you don't want to receive cookies, you can easily disable this function in your browser.

Please keep in mind: our shopping cart requires cookies to process your order. If you have disabled cookies in your browser, you must enable them temporarily to order our products online.

TLS Transactions

Secure Ordering SSL Transactions

"It is much safer to transmit your credit card number over the Internet than to give it to a waiter at a restaurant or read it aloud over a cordless phone."
- David Medine, Federal Trade Commission from a 1996 Washington Post article.

When should the connection be secure?

The only website pages that must be TLS encrypted are those that transmit personal information (such as name, address, credit card info, passwords, etc.,) to and from our server. However, the Internet is moving towards TLS encryption of all website pages in the not so distant future.

HTTP/2 moving to the new HTTP/3 and what it means for you

Our servers are now moving from HTTP/2 to the new HTTP/3 network protocol, which is faster and more secure than its predecessor HTTP/1.1

Major client implementations of HTTP/3, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, Tor, and MS Edge said they will only support HTTP/2 or HTTP/3 over TLS, which makes encryption mandatory. Hence, why we are now switching over to HTTP/3. It's the latest and greatest, and it is very secure! All pages are now encrypted for your secure shopping.

When is the connection secure?

https secure online shopping

When you see the lock with the https in the browser address bar, you know that your data can be safely sent over the Internet.

It's Your Information

We keep your personal information confidential. We do not sell your information to any outside organization. This information is only used to support your relationship with our store. We value your business.

To find out more on how we protect your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy.