Coupons, Promo Codes, Deals, And Specials

We ONLY issue discounts, coupons, promo codes, and VIP first-choice offers to our registered customers and newsletter subscribers. Such discounts and promotions are distributed ONLY via email.

If you find any coupon code for our store on some online deal site, it is definitely FAKE and it will NOT WORK.

We don't partner, do business, or pay any affiliate fees to such coupon deal sites.

How Coupon Deal Sites Scam You?

To understand the reason why such coupon deal sites create fake coupons for online merchants (such as our store), you have to understand how they actually make money.

Coupon deal sites make a commission from their affiliate sites if they can get you to buy from one of those affiliate sites instead. So, what they do is use a computer program that ranks them in search results for keyword terms such as " coupons" or " promo code" or the like.

And once you click on their site, they present you with a list of coupons to their affiliate sites including one or two fake coupons for the "bait" site. The goal is to get you to switch and buy from one of their affiliate sites so that the coupon deals site can make their money from you.

This is called the Bait-N-Switch technique used to TRICK you by steering you away from your intended purchase to one where the deals site can make a commission.

And this is EXACTLY why we will never have any dealings with a company of this type. So be smart!,.. because those type of sites will do nothing for you, but waste your time.

How Coupon Deal Sites Hurt Online Retailers And You?

The appeal of finding a discount is part of human nature. We all want the best deal out there.

However, these coupon deal sites rarely succeed at actually tricking you into buy from one of their affiliate sites. This is why they are completely automated and work on VOLUME.

What usually happens is that people like yourself,.. will start searching all of these fake coupon deal sites and after some time, will get frustrated and never get back to complete their intended purchase.

THAT’S THE DECEPTION! These coupon deal sites con you into believing that you can get something you cannot from them. Ultimately this hurts the online retailer and YOU because you never end up getting the item you wanted.

Once you realize this coupon deal sites con, it will open your eyes!

How You Can Get A Coupon Code For Our Store?

The best way to get a REAL coupon for our store is to either register an account or subscribe to our newsletter.

On occasion, we may post a discount code on this page and/or on our home page. Any other coupon code you may find on the Internet that is not posted on our site or emailed to you, is FAKE!

Thanks and happy shopping!